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Is your company still printing, mailing, and signing documents in person? PRUVID helps businesses automate and digitize their daily processes with a suite of digital tools that save time, lower costs, and improve the customer experience. And the best part, it is absolutely free!

Create data intake forms, questionnaires and surveys without coding supported by AI-based ID and live video verification.

Convert existing PDFs into fillable forms, e-sign enabled documents, and share them anytime, anywhere, along with remote ID verification support.

Organize documents, manage accessibility and secure sensitive data within a business or third party collabration.

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Don’t wait months for an identity verification solution for your business or organization. PRUVID’s software can be integrated seamlessly into a third-party site or platform and activated immediately. By combining artificial intelligence and biometrics with blockchain technology, we offer an unprecedented level of security with fast, easy application. Contact us today to learn more.

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Face-Match ID
Optimized facial recognition for people of color
Live Customer Video Assistant
Stored in Blockchain
Two or More Party Signature
Chain of Evidence Compliant
Signer Self-Authentication
Ability to add Third Party Notary

Business cases


Authorize documents virtually and enjoy faster billing and claims processing with our comprehensive client identification and onboarding system.

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Real Estate

Delight your clients with advanced onboarding and e-signature solutions that allow you to connect virtually in real time.

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Accelerate processing time with document privacy, security while saving time and money.

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Expedite paperwork processing and secure your sensitive contracts with our comprehensive document software.

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Human Resources

Streamline your hiring and onboarding processes for maximum efficiency and convenience.

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Save countless hours of document signing and processing with our e-signature and identity verification services for government agencies.

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Comprehensive and secure

While processing data resources in the digital world, you need to be able to confirm identity quickly and securely. Our all-in-one software has a wide range of business applications, from obtaining remote e-signatures to running background checks to onboarding new employees. Available in both as a web-based and enterprise solution, it is the gold standard in remote identity verification.

E-signature Video Authentication

Thumbprint Authentication

Live Video Face Authentication

Onboarding Identity Authentication

Video Document Sign Verification

Photo ID Verification

Background Checks

Government Issued Scan


“The first e-signature platform providing multifactor authentication, ensuring a signature comes from a validated person. This is a game-changer.”

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